What is Modernization?

Modernization is a replacing package of past system which SIGMA has developed based on years of experience & technology. An innovative program that makes recycling possible by applying the latest model’s system to existing elevators.

An elevator can last for around 15 to 25 years through consistent maintenance checking but Generally after 10 years the performance drops rapidly. When using the elevator for more than 15 years repair cost or chances of breakdown increase, therefore replacing the elevator is much safer and economical. Also, just by replacing the elevator upgrades the value of the building.

Upgraded Quality
We will advance your current system and provide quality safety and durability you can trust for years to come.

Costs can be greatly reduced by reusing materials and only replacing parts that need to be upgraded. There is also very little construction time required which also helps to cut costs.

Trusted Safety
We apply the world’s strictest safety standards to ensure that your every ride is the safest it can possibly be.

Service EXcellence
We deliver fast and accurate services using our integrated net- work system to better serve your diverse needs.

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