Dalian Facility  
Dalian, China  
China Established: 1997, October
Land Area: 80,000 Sq. m.
Construction Area: 30,000 Sq. m.
Major Business: manufacture, Sales and maintenance services
Products: Elevators, Escalators and Movingwalks
No. of Employees: 1000
TEDA Facility  
TEDA, China  
China Land Area: 141,643 Sq. m.
Construction Area: 66,034 Sq. m.
Green Area: 75,609 Sq. m.
25% energy reduction at 4-7% incremental cost
2007 MOC Chinese Green Factory Demonstration Project
2009 USGBC LEED rating gold
First showcase for UTC integrated building systems
Express Factory  
Suzhou, China  
Location: Suzhou, China
Land Area: 30,000 square meters
Major Products: Elevators, Escalators, Movingwalks
8F Two IFC
10 Gukjegeumyung-ro
Seoul 150-945 Korea
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