The highest Service, Safety & Ethics standards
Engineered Products Safety
Safety and reliability are integral to Sigma’s product offering. We work constantly to make improvements that contribute to passenger safety and the Safety & Service technicians who maintain Sigma elevators worldwide.
Aesthetics design Service excellence
Service excellence is more than just service. It is how we think and act. It is not just “fixing a problem” or performing routine maintenance, but It is the “smile” in the voice on the phone, prompt responses to all requests and the pursuit of continuous improvement. It is how we work together, and how we work with our customers.
global Network Ethics
Our Code of Ethics does not merely require compliance with laws. It embodies a commitment to positive behaviors that build trust, promote respect, and demonstrate integrity. We honor our commitments, communicate openly, and hold ourselves accountable. Operating within the framework of our Code of Ethics, we will create and sustain value for all our shareholders.
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SIGMA’s 8 Customer commitments
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